Welcome to IQ Proteomics. We specialize in quantitative multiplexed proteomic applications. We are a full service company providing proteomic characterization for a wide range of samples. We utilize technology leading instrumentation and methodologies, providing sensitive, accurate, and reproducible proteomic characterization.

Discovery Proteomics

Sensitive and accurate whole proteome characterization. Simultaneous analysis of up to eleven samples provides broad experimental design and robust statistics.

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PTM Analysis

Quantify and characterize a broad range of post-translational modifications. Combine eleven samples to monitor time dependent signalling, dosage response or replicate measurements.

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Targeted assays

High-throughput (custom) targeted assays enable accurate, sensitive and rapid screening of hundreds of targets eleven-times faster than traditional targeted approaches.

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IQP in Science publication

IQP's proteome characterization service is highlighted in Merck's Science publication describing the PD-L1 microenvironment.

IQP in Nature publication

IQP's covalent inhibitor screen was recently showcased in Amgen's Nature publication detailing AMG 510.

Visualize our data

IQP has created a dynamic web application to allow visitors to explore our spotlight datasets.