Quantitative Discovery Proteomics

Amenable samples

  • Primary tissues
  • Cell culture
  • Fluids

Typical Metrics (cell culture / tissues)

  • 8,000 quantified proteins
  • 100,000 quantified peptides
  • 1,000,000 quantitative measurements

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Global, unbiased proteome analysis has proven to be a critical tool for biological interpretation. We provide unbiased discovery services that yield remarkable proteomic depth and unrivaled quantitative accuracy and precision. We are able to simultaneously characterize ten different samples. This results in reduced technical variability, no missing quantitative measurements and more actionable data.

Multiplex proteome analysis of DNA damage

Following induction of DNA damage, a clear enrichment of a subset proteins is visible within the center of the heat map. The high technical and biological reproducibility is evident.

Quantifying p53 expression and uncovering DNA damage response

p53 exhibits a marked increase in expression following DNA damage (a). The unbiased discovery approach permits global analyses of DNA damage. Proteins exhibiting a smiliar expression profile to p53 are displayed (b).