Quantitative PTM Analysis

Amenable samples

  • Primary tissues
  • Cell culture

Typical Metrics (cell culture / tissues, pST)

  • 15,000 quantified sites
  • 50,000 quantified peptides
  • 500,000 quantitative measurements

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Post-translational modifications (PTM) are key regulators of cell state. Through our multiplexed PTM analysis we provide comprehensive characterization of the modified proteome. Potential applications include drug / dosage response, longitudinal studies, and high replicate analyses for high statistical power.

Survey of phosphoproteome following DNA damage

A cluster of protein sites (right side of heat map) exhibit a marked increase in phosphorylation occupancy.

Quantifying p53 phosphorylation

The phosphorylation site (serine 315) of p53 exhibited a near infinite change in occupancy following DNA damage.